Soundproofing Solutions most common installation were extreme airborne and impact noises are found .i.e Loud TV’s, Music, Shouting, Heavy Footsteps and Slamming Doors

Our Ceiling systems is popular and best performing system for airborne and impact noise reduction. If noise is your crisis from above this is the most efficient ceiling solution for you.

Installation Solution:

  • We construct a new timer ceiling frame completely detached from the current ceiling. With a minimum of 25mm space / gap between the frame and current ceiling.
  • Compact fit RW3 Rockwool in between the cavities of the new timber frame.
  • Fit acoustic resilient bars to joist to minimise contact of the new frame
  • Fix 1st layer of 19mm acoustic sound plank to resilient bars.
  • All joints, gaps and perimeter sealed with acoustic mastic sealant.
  • Fix 2nd layer of 12.5mm acoustic sound shield plasterboards as final layer to resilient bar.
  • All lights will be refitted as per original fitting.
  • Ceiling ready for plastering. (See upgrades and extra section for more information)

Space impact

6 inch to 8 inch ceiling height loss (depending on additional upgrades)
or 130mm to 180mm ceiling height loss (depending on additional upgrades)

Benefit in sound

23db+ to 28db+ improvement in noise reduction

Upgrades and Extras available for this system

Rockwool upgrade to RW5 – This would increase the density and weight of the Rockwool 100kg/m³. Around 13% enhancement in noise reduction

Barrier Matting extra – Fit a 10kg/m² barrier matt to new frame after wool installation, this will increase the density and weight applied to the area. Around 13% enhancements in noise reduction

Plastering, Plumbing and Electrical work – We have independent contractors we use and we guarantee their work.

The system shown above is one of the many ceiling solutions that Soundproofing Solution offer and is just given as an example to show the materials and methods used. All of our systems can be adapted to suit the customer circumstance. Feel free to call our free phone or email us.