Frequently Asked Questions

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Q) What is soundproofing?

A) Soundproofing is to reduce the amount of noise being transmitted; there are a couple of factors. The more weight, density, separation and depth you can apply to the affecting surface the better the noise reduction.

Q) How long does it take to install soundproofing and how much will it cost.

A) Every soundproofing project is different; it will depend on the type of system we install and the size of the surface. We can also tailor make a system to suite your needs and budget requirements. Please feel free to contact us for your project

Q) What’s the difference between soundproofing and acoustic treatment

A) Soundproofing is specifically designed to reduce noise by the affected area. Acoustic treatment – generally deals with the quality of sound control within a room.

Q) What is airborne noise?

A) Airborne noise is unwanted sound that is transmitted through an object or surface in a wave form mat.

Q) What is impact noise?

A) Impact noise is simply sound that travels directly through any type of structure in vibration form.

Q) What is sound insulation?

A) Sound Insulation – prevents sound from travelling from one place to another, such as between neighbours in a building, or to reduce unwanted external noise.

Q) What is sound absorption?

A) Sound Absorption – prevents sounds to be transmitted within a room, treats and reduces sound transmission, echo and reverberation within a property

Q) What happens to lights, plugs and radiations fixed to the wall?

A) All existing lights and plugs will be relocated into the new surface as original fixing. Radiators on the other hand will need to be removed prior installation, we can arrange for one of our contractors to come and do this for you or you can arrange your own Plummer to do this.

Q) What is Flanking noise and how do I treat it.

A) Flanking it is both airborne and impact noise that usually transmits through the fabric of a building. This is mostly a problem through walls that penetrate floors or walls that timber suspended flooring are usually fixed to.
We have ways to reduce the amount of flanking noise, but needs to be taken into account for the system performance.

Q) How do I know if I have a flanking noise problem?

A) There are many ways to determine it but the most common and easiest way to identify would be to listen with your ear against the other supporting structures in the room. You have excessive noise coming from the neighbours above and you think most of the noise is transmitted through the ceiling. All you need to do is to put your year against the four supporting walls to listen if the sound travels down the wall. Our team would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Q) How much space will I lose?

A) We have a variety of systems with different advantages; it will depend on the system we install. Contact our free phone number 0800 774 7020

Q) How much mess and disruption will it cause?

A) It all depends from the systems we install, some systems are messy than others. We do our best to cover all furnishings and to minimise mess. Soundproofing Solutions clean up after every day and will leave the room as we found it. Please note that there is always dust to contend with and we’ll do everything we can to help reduce this. All rubbish created by us can be removed after the installation; there might be additional cost depending on the system. Please request further information during your site visit.

Q) Do I have to be at home for the installation?

A) No not at all, we can arrange to collect keys prior to the installation. If deciding to be at the property during the installation, please note that there might be some inconvenience.

Q) How long is my quote valid for?

A) 30 Days unless otherwise agreed upon.

Q) Do our floor boards need to be removed?

A) No not always, depending on the solution selected.

Q) Do I need to clear the room?

A) We normally ask to clear the room with smaller personal items and fragile goods. We can assist with larger items where possible.

Q) Do I need to order any materials or pay additional delivery costs?

A) No, all our quoted work includes our materials and delivery costs.

Q) Does Soundproofing Solutions Ltd has insurance costs?

A) Yes, we have business and public liability insurance worth £2 000 000.00  

Q) I don’t want our neighbours to know we are installing soundproofing, how can we avoid this?

A) We do not advertise at all when installing, our vehicles are plain and have no sign writing. We are very discrete and will not inform the neighbours if asked what works are carried out.

Q) Do we have to us the set out systems or can we make some changes.

A) No, we can add and substitute some components based on your specific requirements. We can also use a combination of systems. We tailor everything to suite your needs. This will influence your price.

Q) We only have a limited budget available, can we still afford soundproofing.

A) Budgets are always considered for your soundproofing project, we do our very best to not only just beat any competitors quote but also make sure that you get the very best system installation for your budget.

Q) How much noise can I expect or will I lose?

A) There are a lot of factors to determine how much exactly. No one can guarantee 100%
noise reduction, all properties and soundproofing projects deliver different results. There are a lot of options to enhance the performance of our systems but you need to consider the building integrity and flanking noise.

Q) Are all site visits free?

A) Unfortunately all site visits are not free; the price would depend on the distance travelled. However if we are successful in getting your business, we will refund the site visit cost from the final payment.