Soundproofing Solutions are showing below some of the materials used for reducing sound in a dwelling. All th materials is tested in a robust form, this has proven to be the most effective ways to do sound reduction. 


Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic Plasterboards is the alternative to standard plasterboard as it has got a higher mass and density to help with the block and absorb of the sound energy giving enhanced acoustic performance to the wall, floor or the ceiling.


Recycled Rubber Panels known as Barrier Matting

Barrier matting comes in two sizes 5 kg / m2  or 10 kg / m. Barrier matts are designed to upgrade the sound insulation properties of partition walls, ceilings and floors in all domestic and commercial properties. We use the M20 panels the are also recycled rubber matts to minimum loss of space on walls.



Acoustic Mastic

Acoustic Mastic is an acoustic sealant and adhesiv used on walls, ceiling and floors. The mastic has a high strenght and permanently flexible, and has been designed specifically for sealing and bonding acoustic plasterboards and other insulation boards.